Riding on motorcycles

The Safety Grips consists of a nylon, padded belt that is secured via hook-and-loop fasteners. Sewn into the rear of the belt would be a pair of upright handles facing the passenger. In use, the operator would adjust the belt to fit his or her waist, and the passenger grips the handles throughout the duration of the ride. This invention may be adapted for use on personal watercraft as well.

The inventor, a sports enthusiast, was inspired to create the Safety Grips after an off-roading trip. "We used this belt while riding quads on sand dunes at the beach, and we got a lot of positive feedback from both passengers and operators," he said.

America's largest inventor service company, announces that one of its clients, an inventor from Portland, Ore., has designed an accessory that would help passengers of open-air vehicles to hold on to the operator. This invention is patented and a prototype is available.

Riding on motorcycles, ATVs and personal watercraft can be a thrilling, enjoyable pastime, but many passengers find it difficult to maintain a secure grip on the vehicle's operator. The "Safety Grips" may prevent passengers from falling off a vehicle due to a poor grip. This invention also eliminates the need to hold onto the operator's clothing or the vehicle itself. Comfortable and easy to adjust, the Safety Grips would reduce stress on the operator as well, allowing the machine to be controlled more effectively.

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