BedRug Install

The BedRug is a foam, and carpet constructed liner that is a third of the cost of a spray-in. Once installed it is the only one that is so comfortable you could sleep on it. Now, just because it's carpet doesn't mean it's delicate. Oil, grease, spills, and stains, can easily be washed out with soap and water from a garden hose or high-pressure washer. You don't have to be afraid of getting it wet. The mildew resistant foam and polyester fiber top will not absorb liquids - so yes, you can even leave it out in the rain. The floor, tailgate, sides, and bulkhead are molded and die cut to fit each application, so you can feel safe in knowing it will fit without any modifications. The whole unit zips together and is held in with a simple but effective hook and loop (just like Velcro) fastening system.

The Toyota Tacoma comes with many new features, Which include a fiberglass composite bed tub.

While this new set up won't dent like its steel floor predecessor, it is still susceptible to scratches, which we found out the hard way while hauling a set of heads to the shop. Not only can it be scratched, but the texture of the bed, while being very pleasing to the eye, is kind of slick. Combine that with the lowered stance, handling, and you know what can happen.

We were tired of stuff sliding around the truck, but really didn't want to shell out for the cost of a spray-in liner for a truck we have to give back at the end of the lease. We could have bought a drop-in liner, but not only would stuff still slide around it would still scratch our truck once dirt got between it and the bed, kind of defeating the purpose in the first place.


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